The Modular 9-Inch From Mark Williams Offers Options For Racers

By Brian Wagner
Posted on Apr 24, 2017 in News on
A good racer craves the ability to have multiple adjustments on their car to make it competitive no matter the conditions; from the engine to the suspension, any ability to make changes to gain an advantage are welcome. Mark Williams Enterprises offers a unique rearend housing that will give racers the level of flexibility they're looking for no matter what kind of racing they do with their Modular line of rear ends. This unit can be configured for anything from a street car all the way up to a Pro Mod with the wide array of options that Mark Williams provides with this rearend housing.

What makes this Modular 9-Inch housing so great is the versatility and reliability that it offers racers. These housings are designed so that when you've picked a center section, it can have anything you want bolted to it. For a street car, you can use steel axle tubes and spring perches, for race cars you can use solid mount brackets, or 4-link style brackets. Besides the different bracket options, you can use floater or flange-style axles along with different options for brakes and wheel bearings.
According to Andrew Dickson from Mark Williams Enterprises, these housings have something for everyone.

“The modularity means bracket widths and wheel-to-wheel widths are flexible; all you need to do is change brackets, spacers, and end bells. Because of the third member design, you can change out the pumpkin with less hassle than, say, a Dana or a GM - no crawling under a car to set up gears, and you can have several gears set up and ready to change out at any time. The gears are all related to a standard Ford design, meaning there are lots of ratio and price options.”

The team from Gas Monkey Garage used one of these rearend housings in their project car when they squared off against the crew from Street Outlaws.

If you're looking for a rearend housing that can use any 9-inch through 10-inch gear set and give you options for adjustments, then head over to the Mark Williams Enterprises website and check out the Modular 9-Inch Pro 4-link housing.

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