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How to Order Axles

Every set of Mark Williams axles are custom built to meet each customer’s requirements. This requires accurate information to insure that the axles are a perfect fit. You will need to provide as many of the dimensions shown as possible for your application.You can also download service bulletin 77 and fax it to 303-665-7021.

A - Housing flange to flange
B - Driver side housing flange to pinion center
C - Passenger side housing flange to pinion center
D - Axle flange to axle flange width
E - Axle flange (driver’s side) to pinion center
F - Axle flange (passenger side) to pinion center
G - Axle flange to housing flange (brake stand-out)
H - Flange to bearing seat
I - Bearing journal diameter
J - Flange diameter
K - Brake drum register
L - Seal diameter (optional)
M - Overall axle length (right & left)
N - Driver side spline relief
O - Passenger side spline relief
P - Bolt Circle
Q - Cord measurement between two studs

The following steps have proven to be the most accurate method for determining the width of the rear end assembly when building a new car:

1) Obtain a set of the widest tires and wheels (with appropriate offset) to be used.
2) Remove the stock rear end housing and make modifications to inner fender wells as required.
3) Position the tires/wheels under the car, and through the use of jack stands, etc. place the car in the desired running attitude.
4) With wheels in position, measure from wheel mounting surface to the opposite wheel mounting surface. This will give you the proper axle flange to axle flange dimension (D). Allow for brake hats or drums.
5) Also supply the (E & F) distance or indicate if the pinion is centered or the amount of pinion offset required and the direction. Offset toward the passenger side is normal and toward the driver side is abnormal.

Measuring an Existing Housing - Measure the distance to the outside of both housing flanges (A). Not all pinions are centered, so it is also essential to measure the distance from the housing flange to the center of the pinion on both driver and passenger side (B & C).

Measuring Existing Axles - Provide as many measurements as possible. Use of a MW 35 or 40 spline spool will change axle lengths in relation to axles with stock splines. A Mark Williams salesman can help with questions about changes in axle lengths.

Spools -Not all spools are manufactured the same. If the spool to be used is a MW spool, the part number on the spool will give us the required information. If the spool is from another manufacturer, please check the spline count and location of the spline as measured in the illustration above (N & O values).

Bolt Circle -If you do not know the bolt circle (P value) of a 5-bolt application, measure the center-to-center distance (Q) between two adjacent wheel studs and reference the table below.

4-1/2” B.C. = 2.645” normal later Ford pattern
4-3/4” B.C. = 2.792” normal Chevrolet pattern
5” B.C. = 2.939” normal older Olds-Pontiac
5-1/2” B.C. = 3.233” normal early Ford and T/F wheel pattern

Things You Should Know

What happens after I order my axles? - Within two days of placing your order you will receive via UPS overnight letter, e-mail or fax a confirmation form that shows exactly what is being manufactured. If there are any questions or discrepancies, please contact the MW sales department immediately.

What size axle spline should I order? - Remember that any spline axle will cost the same amount, so order the largest spline count you possibly can. We do not make a spool smaller than 35 splines, so if you intend to use a spool your axles will need to be 35 splines or larger. As a rule of thumb 35 splines should not be used on anything faster than 8 seconds. 40 splines are required on all pro-stock cars.

How long will my axles take? - Normal lead time is two weeks, although that may vary. For those racers who are in a hurry, Mark Williams Enterprises offers priority service for a nominal extra charge. Axles purchased under these terms are guaranteed to ship within 5 WORKING DAYS for an additional charge of $100.00

What bolt pattern should I order? - While the 4-3/4" bolt circle offers the largest selection of wheels, the larger the diameter of the pattern, the stronger the wheel will be. Try to use the largest pattern available.

What stud size should I use? - Mark Williams Enterprises always reccomends the use of 5/8" studs unless you have a specific application that requires 1/2" studs.

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