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Why MW MasterLine Is Your Best Value
       Anyone who knows Mark Williams will readily agree that he always strives to make the best possible parts. When faced with the challenge of developing a number of components for budget-minded racers and street enthusiasts, he rose to the occasion with the MasterLine series. And while they may be economical in nature, when you consider how each component has been designed and manufactured, you'll see how all the extra effort results in parts that are superior to the competition. They are truly your best all-around value.


         There are firms that purchase unfinished axles in bulk from OEM suppliers, usually with very long splines, then cut them to length and foist them on consumers as "Hi-Performance axles."Most are made of carbon steel and don't even qualify as an "alloy"axle.

         Mark Williams, on the other hand, individually makes each axle to the needs of the customer. The shaft length, taper and splined area are optimized for the application. No whacked-off long-spline axles here. What's more, they are forged from a true High Manganese alloy, and double induction heat-treated for deeper core hardness.

         You will also note that the flange of MasterLine axles is about 30% thicker than others, and it employs rugged 1.562"i.d. bearings for better support. Add in a gentle radius from the flange to the bearing surface, instead of sharp corners, and you can see still more reasons why MasterLine axles are better.

         Recommended for all street applications, and vehicles turning the quarter mile over 9.99 seconds.
         The perfect companion to MW axles, these spools feature a 35-spline design and are available to fit 8.8"Ford, 9"Ford and GM 12-bolt rear ends. They are CNC machined from alloy steel forgings and heat-treated in-house to assure total quality control. Extra care is take to ensure that the bearing journals and ring gear flange are perfectly perpendicular, which makes for optimum efficiency.

         Engineered to improve the reliability of 9"Ford rear ends, MW's MastrerLine case is made from a tough nodular iron casting that features reinforcing ribs and an extra reinforced pilot bearing area. These precision CNC-machined cases are equipped with billet steel caps and bearing adjusters. Available with 3.062"or 3.250"bores.


         These 8620 alloy gears are privately labeled for Mark Williams by one of the industry's most respected manufacturers. They are equal in quality to the finest "name"brand gears, but sold at very competitive prices. Available for 9"Ford (3.50 to 6.50 ratio), GM 10-bolt (7.5, 8.2 and 8.5 ring gears) and GM 12-bolt.


         You can't beat MW's MasterLine driveshafts for quality and price. Both steel and aluminum driveshafts are available, and they come complete with Spicer precison 1350-series U-joints and Mark Williams 4340 billet steel transmission yokes. Each shaft is custom made to the customer's exact specifications, then dynamically balanced at actual operating speeds to assure maximum driveline efficiency and vibration-free operation.