Travis Podratz
Technical Sales Representative

Travis is our drive shaft specialist. He has been with MWE since 1999, and has been representing MWE on the phone, at the shop, and at the major races. Travis has also been joining Brian and Mark Williams at the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Orlando. He has a true passion for drag racing, and has been working on building his own racecar. Headed for the stick shift class, Travis is putting together his ’65 El Camino.
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Jason Schade
Technical Sales Representative

Jason has been with MWE since 1994. Jason has built multiple cars for racing, and currently has a Super Gas car and also a Top Street car. While Jason’t specialty at MWE is axles, he can answer all technical questions about our products. There is no doubt that Jason can help you identify what is best for your application.
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Brian Balsley
Technical Sales Manage

Brian comes from an automotive background having owned and operated a Napa auto parts store for 21 years. Brian has been with MWE since 1998, and is proficient in the MWE product line. He has also become a familiar face at our display for the Performance Racing Industry trade show.
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Mark Williams

In 1964 Mark Williams left his normal 9-5 job and started his career as a racecar chassis builder. Throughout the ‘70s, many of the cars that Mark built set records and won many awards. Likely the most influential Top Fuel dragster he built was in 1969 for Mike Dollins and Dan Widner. It was the prototype for today’s rear-engine design.

In addition to chassis building, Mark Williams is now known as an industry leader and a state-of-the-art components manufacturer.

Mark was inducted into the Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2007.