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  While I did not purchase my axles new, after filling out the data sheet, I honestly thought you might not pay me contingency. To my pleasure I received a cheque today, this speaks volumes of your dedication to the sportsman racer. Trust me when I say that this will be mentioned to every customer who does buy axles from my store. Unfortunately I have had a mishap with my car and in the rebuilding your products will be high on the list of replacements as we check each section of the car for damage.

Thanks again so much!

Venice Perno
SS/CS 3041


Just a short note to tell you how helpful Jason was with my recent order.

Last week I placed an order for 2 replacement axle bearings on my blown altered. I usually build the engines, transmissions and do the engineering but for some reason neverhave delved into the rear end. So, although not a difficult job, this was uncharted territory for me.

Because of my uncertainty, after completing the order I asked, "Is there anything else I should consider?" Most sales types would say no, thinking "Hey I filled the order, let's move on." Instead Jason thoughtfor a moment and said, "Yes, check the vent on the housing. It is a fery common reason that seals start leaking."

Sure enough, when I checked the breather hose to the "puke tank" it was blocked like it had a cork in it.

Had Jason not gone the extra mile, I suspect pressures would have built up and I would have the same (seal leakage) problem all over again.

This kind of (all too rare) service makes me a M-W enthusiast.

Well-done Jason,

Mike Schacter
M&S Racing

  Hello Mark,


Sorry to be late in getting this note to you but have been out of town a bit.


When you made the custom axles for my 1962 Lotus Super 7 in 1997, I was impressed with your knowledge, the equipment you had and your customer service attitude.


Mark, the new axles are great and I know that I will get more years of use out of them than I will be able to drive. I am about ready to turn 76 now and hope to race a couple more years at least. Of course the 7 is street legal and enjoys running the twisty roads through our Ozarks hills. That is something I can do after hanging up the helmet.


I want you to know that your attention to achieving the correct hardness, matching the axle shafts with the hubs, machining the hubs to accept the special nut that you suggested and getting all of it shipped to me in a short period of time, exemplifies the very high standards that you have set to produce quality parts. Your attitude and that of Travis demonstrate your desire to provide the very best customer service possible. It is a pleasure to do business with you.


All I can say is "THANKS",


Bill Rinke



Just thought I'd Let you know, that we've had a lot of success since installing the 3.5" moly driveshaft you supplied for my Pro Mod. Gone are the dramas I had with the 3"
version. The car runs consistently in the 6.1 second region and in the high 230's at 9300 rpm. Once again thank you for correcting the problem.


Gary Phillips


You guys ALWAYS treat a little guy like me right.

RJ Regan


Dear Racing Department,

I am writing this letter to you with one simple purpose, and that is to say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! AGAIN!! Actually for the third time this year.

2007 has proven to be an outstanding year for my racing operation and all of this could not be possible without your support and help.

Recently we were fortunate enough to WIN Top Sports man at the 2007 IHRA President's Cup located at MIR Dragway. That makes 3 Final rounds this season! Not to mention we are in contention to win the Division 1 NHRA Top Sportsman CHampionship.

You should be very proud of your products, as I can confidently say that they have helped me achieve this level of success.


Best Regards,

Michael Kaufman

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