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Mark Williams Hellcat Driveshaft

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat needed some help in the driveshaft department. The factory carbon fiber shaft is a nice part, but not up to the requirements when you start modifying the power output. The fact that this car has a relatively long distance from the transmission to the differential eliminates the option of producing a one-piece shaft. Our design utilizes the two-piece construction as dictated by the shaft's critical speed requirements.


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Mustang GT500 Driveshaft

MW has developed a one-piece 7075 aluminum slip-joint driveshaft for the awesomely powerful Mustang GT500 which incorporates our patented bonding technology. It has proven to be a reliable replacement for the breakage-pron OEM two-piece driveshafts with center support bearings in high horsepower Mustang applications.


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Gibbs™ Brand Rust Preventive
Mark Williams Enterprises has long been searching for a product that provides better corrosion resistance than commonly used WD-40 oil. M/W has always been skeptical of products with miracles through chemistry. However, GIBBS™ brand lubricant is the exception, and lives up to its claims. This product is the best bet for keeping unpainted dragster chassis tubing from rusting.

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DUAL Angular Contact Ball / Ball Bearing Support
 The new dual angular contact bearings reduce friction and increase RPM capacity. All assemblies are factory pre-load set to simplify the installation. These M-W exclusive bearings make pre-load adjustments easy for field service by allowing the removal of the front race.

For 9" and 9-1/2" gears with 28 spline pinion

Thirdmember with 10" Pitch Diameter Gears
Mark Williams now offers race-ready 3rd members equipped with a beefy 10” pitch diameter ring gear (trimmed to 9.5”) that can be employed in the popular 9” Ford style rear end housing. This setup is ideally suited to ultra high horsepower applications like Pro Mod.

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7075 Aluminum Accu-BondTM Driveshafts
These new 7075 alloy driveshafts are exclusive to MW, and feature our patented Accu-BondTM process for securing the yokes to the shaft. These are 61% stronger than our previous best, and can save approximately 50% of the weight over similar-sized steel shafts. Ideally suited for Pro Mod and other extreme horespower applications, these shafts are custom made and are balanced to G30 specifications at simulated operatiing conditions on our high-speed balancer.


Shot Peening

Mark Williams has been looking for current and new ways of making the best and strongest products available. We have been doing in-house heat treating for a long time. Now, we can do shot peening in-house, too. Shot peening enhanes the resistance to fatigue fracture and resistance to stress corrosion rather than strength or hardness, as does the heat treating process.


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