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War Pony, Whoa-and-Go Components - Brakes and Trailing Arms
Text and Photos by Wayne Scraba
Posted June 27, 2014 on

Bringing a race car down from warp speed is huge. Now factor in street driving a car like our War Pony and the brake selection process becomes more complex. Read More....
Coping with a COPO
Text by Bill Holland
Photos courtesy of ATI article

Most drag racing enthusiasts are familiar with the original COPO Camaro program, which saw a select number of ’69 Camaros stuffed with a 427-cid ZL-1 big-block engine built under the veil of Chevrolet’s Central Office Production Order process. Read More....

Mark Williams 9-Inch Housings Find Way Into Track Prep Tire Rotators
By Andrew Wolf Article

If you've been to a major heads-up drag racing event any time in the last several years you've no doubt seen what's become on the most vital pieces of equipment in the secret sauce of track preparation, known as a tire dragger or tire rotator


Axle Essentials for Racing and Performance
By Wayne Scraba

Axles? What's the big deal? Once you see a racecar that just pitched a wheel (most often with a chunk of the axle attached), you get a far better understanding of why axles are critical.
Part I - Material Choices and and finishing options
Part II - Axle Strength
Part III - Lightweight options
Part IV - Measuring for quality axles


Talking 7075 Alloy Driveshafts with Mark Williams
By Lindsey Fisher Article

The right driveshaft can mean success on the track as much as it can mean disaster. That is why it is so important to weigh the options when it comes to choosing a performance driveshaft for your performance vehicle.

Super Size Ford Rears
By Wayne Scraba
Muscle Cars Tech Article

If you bought a new high performance passenger car from ford three to four decades ago, it definitely came with one rear end: a 9.inch. And if was a bona-fide ground pounding musclecar, that 9-inch was filled with 31-spline carrier and axles.
Bulletproof 12-Bolt Hardware & Set Up Tricks
By Wayne Scraba
Hot Rod Tech Article

The Chevrolet 12-bolt rear axle is a prolific piece. It turns up in countless Camaros, Chevelles, Novas and full size Chevys. Although it may not be as popular as a 9-inch Ford in drag race applications, the 12-bolt does have a number of plusses (not the least of which is decent strength when carefully prepped). The other thing to consider is the shear volume of 12 bolts out there...
Beef Up an 8.8 Rear
By Mark Houlahan
5.0 Mustang & Super Fords

"Our main decision came down to the axlehousing. Do we keep an 8.8 under the rear of the Real Street car, or do we go with the respected but heavier 9-inch rear? Since our Real Street car didn't have a V-8 spec rear under it (heck, it didnt have any rear under it), we had to start from scratch."
Shaft Life: The Latest Technology in Driveshafts
By Wayne Scraba
Super Rod

"For most rodders, a driveshaft is a connection shaft that you just slide into the transmission tailshaft, bolt to the rearend yoke and you're done. Unfortunately, it isn't quite that simple, especially where serious horsepower, torque and engine speed are concerned. In today's world, weight reduction is yet another consideration, and not only is important in terms of overall vehicle mass..."
Baby's Got Back!
By Henry De Los Santos
Race Pages

There are few things more exciting than the adrenaline rush of inching into the staging beams, matting the throttle against the two-step and waiting for the ambers to flash, in anticipation of rocketing your Mustang off the line to a 60-foot time that would make a Pro 5.0 racer jealous.

Got My Nine
By Evan J. Smith
Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords

Nothing came easy in the early years of the 5.0 Mustang racing. Go-fast parts were limited to small blowers, nitrous, gears and not much else. Still, the EFI Mustang pioneers got by using age-old tricks to improve performance. As slicks went on and horsepower increased, elapsed times dropped into the 12s and then 11s, but all was not good in Mustang land.

Wheel Studs, The Driving Force
By Wayne Scraba
Drag Racing USA

Remember the old story about a chain being only as strong as its weakest link? That same analogy applies to the drivetrain in your race car. One component that is often ignored is the wheel stud. The loads encountered by the wheel stud might be much larger than you think.
Axles Schmaxles: A Discussion of Contemporary Shaft Technology
By B. Holland
Hot Rod

"Drive axles are subjected to immense torque loads. If this isn’t evident, multiply the engine torque by the transmission ration and the ring-and-pinion ratio (torque x low gear ratio x rearend ratio),and you see that numbers get prodigious way fast. And what’s on the receiving end of this force? The drive axles of a 1,300hp drag car must collectively withstand upwards of 12,000 lb-ft of torque every time the driver drops the hammer."


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