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Table of Contents

Entire Catalog In One PDF All Pages
Section 1, Pages 1-22 Pages 1-22
Section 2, Pages 23-44 Pages 23-44
Section 3, Pages 46-66 Pages 45-66
Section 4, Pages 67-88 Pages 67-88
History of MW Inside Front Cover
Terms & Conditions, Contents 1
Questions & Answers, Warranty Info 2
Reason MW Axles Lead the Industry 3
Axle Order Information and Form 4
Drag Race Axles & Bearings 5
Pro Street Axles, Bearings and Housing End Kits 6
Pro Street Brakes, Retainers, Lockers 7
Wheel Studs 8
Wheel Stud Tools, Nuts 9
Off Road Drive Plate Axles and Custom CV Drive Assemblies 10
Viper CV Joint Conversions and OEM Replacements 11
Import  and Pantera Driveline and Brakes 12
Corvette Half Shafts and Hub Yokes, Mitsubishi 3/S Output Shafts 13
Steel Spools, Lightweight Steel Spools 14
Aluminum Spools, Lockers, and Open Carriers 15
Posi Units, Bearings, and Ring Gear Bolt Kits 16
9" Ford Gear Notes 17
9" Ford Gears 18
9" and 9-1/2" Ford Gears, Gear Lightening 19
10" Ford, 9-1/2" Low Friction, MW 11" Modular, and 8.8" Ford Gears 20
'57-'64 Olds/Pont, GM 12 Bolt Gears 21
8" Ford, Dana™ 60, and 8-3/4" Mopar Gears 22
GM 8.5" 10 Bolt Gears, Gear Improvements, Gear Oil, Set-Up Videos 23
Rear End Set Up Tools, Rear End Set Up Tools 24
Ring Gear Clearance and Bearing Removal Tools, Corrosion Inhibitor 25
9-1/2" Ford Low-Friction and 10" Thirdmembers 26
9" Ford Thirdmembers and Options 27
9" Ford Cases, Internal Lubrication 28
9" Ford Pinion Supports 29
9" Ford Spools 30
9" Ford Lockers and Posi-Tractions, Axle & Spool Packages 31
9" Ford Components 32
9" Ford Assemblies and Steel Housings 33
8.8" Ford Components 34
Dana 60™ Assemblies, Spools, and Lockers 35
Dana 60™ Components, Mopar Ends 36
GM 12 bolt Assemblies and Housings 37
GM Spools, Posi Units, Housing Ends, and C-Clip Eliminator Kits 38
GM 12 Bolt Components and Spool Packages 39
8-3/4" Mopar Components,Spools and Packages 40
Olds-Pontiac Components,Labor Operations 41
11" Modular Full Floater Assemblies 42
11" Modular Pro 4-link Assemblies 43
9" Modular Econo/Comp Housings and Assemblies 44
9" Modular Full Floater Housings and Assemblies 45
9" Modular Pro 4-Link Housings and Assemblies 46
9" Modular Pro Steel 4-Link Housings and Assemblies 47
9" Modular Steel Tube 48
Modular 12 Bolt Econo/Comp Assemblies and Housings 49
Modular 12 Bolt Pro 4-Link Assemblies and Housings 50
Modular 12 Bolt Steel Tube Assemblies and Housings 51
Modular Components, Mounting Brackets, and Fluid Pump 52
Modular Configuration Charts 53
Modular Configuration Charts 54
Floater Assemblies and Kits 55
Floater Components, Spacers, Caps and Bungs 56
Housing Ends and Retainers 57
Pro Mod Housing Ends, Narrowing Tools, Bolt Kits and Seals 58
Front Disc Brake Kits, Camaro Hubs, and GM Integral Hub Kits 59
Ford, Mopar, Integral Hub, and Spindle Mount Front Disc Brake Kits 60
Rear Disc Brake Kits 61
Carbon Brakes, Brake Tech 62
Brake Kit Components 63
Brake System Components 64
Driveshaft Assemblies, How to Measure, Chromoly & Steel Shafts 65
Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Shafts 66
1480 Aluminum & Chromoly Driveshafts, 1480 Transmission Yokes 67
Transmission Yokes 68
Rapid Release Transmission Yokes, Pinion Yokes 69
1480 Pinion Yokes, NASCAR Yokes & Pulleys, Gen III Drive System 70
Driveshaft Balancing and Pickup Assemblies 71
Driveshaft Tips, Operating Angles, and Critical Speed Chart 72
Driveline Couplers 73
Solid Driveshafts, Powerglide Coupler 74
Steering Components, Dragster Wheels & Grips 75
Steering Boxes, Spindles, Axles, and A-Arm Kits 76
Torsion Assemblies and Anti-Roll Assemblies 77
Mono-Shock, 4-Link Wishbone Kits, Levers, and Mounting Stud 78
Morse Cables, Chromoly Rod Ends, and Jam Nuts 79
Mild Steel Rod Ends, Tube Adapters, & Clevises 80
Chassis Brackets and Tabs, Dzuz, Engine Mount Plates 81
Chromoly Tubing & Plate 82
Filler Rod, Temp Stick, Alignment Bars, A-Arm Jig 83
* New Products * Mustang GT500 Driveshaft, Hellcat Driveshaft 84
* New Products * Cackle Safe Disconnect, Driveshaft Safety Loops 85
* New Products * 8-3/4" Chrysler Anti-Rotation Bracket 85
* New Products * Steering Bell Crank for F.E. Dragster 85
MasterLine Axles, Spools, Bearings, Driveshafts, and Cases 86
Chassis Plans - Solid Mount, 4-Link Dragster, and Front Engine Dragster 87
Shipping Information Inside Back Cover



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