Mark Williams offers various services, including gear set-ups, narrowing housings, re-drilling axles and many more. We can set-up any thirdmember or rear-loader style rear ends with your gear, spool, open carrier or traction control unit (Note: all parts must be new). Services also include the installation of tabs onto a Mark Williams spindle, or the modification of a Ford thirdmember case to accept an internal pump. If your car has a vibration problem it might be the driveshaft. Let us re-balance your shaft on our high speed balancer and install new U-joints. Once a year you should have your flange axles inspected for cracks and damage in order to avoid costly failures.
Read more about the magnaflux process and regular maintenance.

Let The Experts Do It For You

Housings Narrowed

Spindle Tab Installation

Thirdmember Set-Up

Anybody that wants to use larger wheels and tires will need to narrow their housing. Let the experts at Mark Williams narrow yours, ensuring that the job is done right. Any Mark Williams spindle mount brake kit will need to have a mounting tab installed. If you have a spindle without the tabs we can install them correctly for you. Send us your new components to be assembled! We can install and correctly set up your rear end with any type carrrier and gear, no matter where you got them.

Rapid Prototyping

New to our list of capabilities is rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping allows us to augment our design capabilities with quick fitments, part conceptualization and complex part casting. Within a few hours a 3D computer model can be "printed" greatly decreasing time from prototype to finished part. Errors can be quickly found and fixed long before any metal is cut. Investment castings can be made from the printed parts allowing for infinitely complex parts. Quick and economical, cast parts also reduce machining costs, trimming more cost from the finished part.


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