The Supra-Fin™ process microscopically polishes the surface of any steel. By using a combination chemical and mechanical means the Supra-Fin™ process can improve life, wear, friction, noise and heat in any metal to metal contact application. By removing microscopic ridges created by cutting and grinding, break in times are virtually eliminated. Parts come out ready to run and run hard. Even better is that the process does not significantly affect the metalurgical properties of the part being processed. Hardness remains the same as well as the chemical properties of the alloy. Dimensionally, the parts also remain intact, with less than .0001" typically being removed.
Supra-Fin Surface Improvement $125.00

Shown above is a pinion gear after the supra fin process. Only surfaces that are in sliding contact are processed.

A Comparison of a standard ring gear
and a Supra-Fin processed gear.


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