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These articles are meant to help racers understand more about the components that go into their race cars, how to set them up correctly, and how to service them.

If you are looking for technical information about a product you already own, many questions can be answered by a Service Bulletin. You may download and print the pdf to use at any time.

If there are any questions you need answered, or would like additional help, contact our Sales team at 1-866-508-6394 or through our Contact Page. We are here to help!  

Axles and Housings Tech Articles

Axle Ordering Dimensions Axle FAQ's Modular Aluminum Vs. Steel Housings
Axle Video Axle Bearings Optimum Wheel Security
Heat Treating Axles Floaters Vs. Flange Axles How to Measure for Axles
Axle Tech Tips    

Brake Tech Articles

Brake Technical Info Better Stopping by Design Brakes and Housing Ends
Brake System Pressure Disc Brake Installation Selecting Brake Linings
Brake Rotor Materials    

Miscellaneous Tech Articles

Rear End Tech Driveline Maintenance Pro Setup Vs. Do it Yourself
Shot Peening Spool or Locker?  
Housing Dynamics The Weight/Cost Balance  

Driveshaft Tech Articles

Ordering a Driveshaft Measuring for Your Driveshaft Driveshaft Tech
Couplers and Yokes Important Driveshaft Criteria Aluminum or Chromoly?
Driveshaft Balancing SFI 43.1 Certification  

Gear Tech Articles

Selecting a Gear Ratio Gear Ratio & RPM Calculator Broach Pinion for Pump Drive
Supra-Fin Process Gear Lightening Shot Peen Gear Treatment
Sub Zero Treatment    


Brake Pedal Ratio Calculator Gear Ratio & RPM Calculator Tire Size Calculator


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