Aluminum Driveshafts


Mark Williams Accu-Bond™ aluminum driveshafts are custom built with the super tough 7075 or 6061 aluminum tubing and fitted with special MW forged or billet 707 end yokes. The end yokes are mated to the tubing using our patented Accu-Bond™ bonding process. This allows the end fittings to be produced from high grade 7075 aluminum, increasing the strength while decreasing the weight.

All MW aluminum shafts are high speed balanced to G30 specifications in relation to the actual operating speeds on MW's high speed balancer. Balance weights are attached with our unique bolt-on weights. Accu-Bond™ shafts are available in both 3-1/2" and 4" diameters. The 4" diameter should be used for longer shafts to avoid critical speed limitations (the rpm at which the shaft wants to "jump rope"). The combination of the larger diameter and high strength of 7075 or 6061 material allow for a thinner wall thickness, resulting in a very light assembly. The 7075 shaft is ideal for applications where weight and critical speed are issues. The 6061 driveshaft is an economical alternative to the 7075 shaft. This shaft has a slightly lower operating speed and ultimate strength compared to the 7075 shaft, but is adequate for most high powered applications. All 7075 and 6061 driveshafts are SFI 43.1 spec certified.



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