Rear Brake Kits

Mark Williams rear disc brake kits have been designed for Drag Race applications for maximum weight savings and durability.
Materials; Caliper mounts are billet 7075 aluminum. Adapter rotor "hats" are a proprietary alloy aluminum, are triple drilled with 4-1/2". 4-3/4", and 5" x 5 holes drilled to accept 5/8" (11/16" shoulder) drive studs. The brake rotors are abrasive resistant steel and double disc ground to be flat and parallel. All of the required mounting hardware and MW calipers, with linings, are included.

Features; MW calipers are exceptionally strong and compact with superior bridge strength over similar products. One of the most significant strength factors is the bridge strength. All MW calipers use four 7/16" diameter body fasteners, and a 5/16" diameter bridge bolt. MW calipers utilize 7/16" hex bleeder screws in both ends (no right and left hand calipers) and internal fluid passages eliminating external damage prone lines. The slot-drive attachment system is a  major improvement for prolonging brake rotor life.

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