Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

  1. Higher critical speed rating over Aluminum shafts.
  2. Can be used for extremely long shafts at high RPM.
  3. Best power to shaft weight rating.
  4. SFI spec 43.1 certified


In keeping with the advances in driveline technology, MW offers a carbon fiber driveshaft assembly. The special MW aluminum end yokes are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances for a precise fit into the carbon fiber tube. The end yokes are then installed in the carbon fiber tube using a proprietary, patented bonding system. A custom built assembly fixture ensures perfect alignment, or "phasing", of the end yokes during this process. MW's precision 1350 series u-joints are installed along with the transmission yoke (sold separately), and the assembly is electronically balanced using the race proven bolt-on weight system. The stiffness of the carbon fiber material allows for higher critical speeds, thus making it ideal for longer applications such as Pro Stock Trucks, etc. Price is less transmission yoke. MW carbon fiber driveshafts are SFI 43.1 certified when using an MW yoke. 


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4.00" Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

Product Code: 39155

4.00" O.D. carbon fiber shaft, aluminum end yokes, lubed for life 1350 series u-joints. Meets SFI 43.1 spec.

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