Terms and Conditions

C.O.D. or Credit Card. Axles and special built products require a deposit as do items requiring shipment by methods other than UPS. Credit Card usage will expedite order processing. We accept money orders, certified checks or official bank checks only for C.O.D. orders. UPS will no longer accept cash for C.O.D. shipments. If a C.O.D. delivery is refused we will not ship C.O.D. on future orders; prepayment will be required. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. All credit card orders must be shipped to the billing address of the card only.

Axle Ordering 
In the catalog there is a sample of the dimensions needed to place an axle order. Before phoning, read this carefully and familiarize yourself with the terminology and how measurements are to be taken. This will allow us to accurately complete your order, and lessen the chance of a costly mistake.

F.O.B. Louisville, Colorado (Denver-Boulder Metro Area). Unless otherwise specified UPS will be utilized.

Foreign Shipments 
Unless restricted by law, MW will ship to foreign customers. Full purchase price (in U.S. currency) must accompany order. No C.O.D. shipments. Name of desired freight carrier, and shipping method must be included with order. Unless specified UPS World Ship will be used..

Claims for damages, open or concealed, or shortages must be made within five (5) days of receiving an order. Damage claims should be made with the freight company first and shortage claims with Mark Williams Enterprises. In the event of a damaged package, keep all packaging boxes and materials. All shipments are accurately weighed before shipping. If there is a part shortage check the shipment weight to see if it matches the shipping weight. This is the first step to determining if parts were lost in transit.

Axles, driveshafts, housings and specially produced parts cannot be returned! Other merchandise requires permission and is subject to a 15% handling charge. Shipping charges on returned items must be prepaid.

All orders are processed on an in-house computer. Customer numbers are generated from your zip code plus 2 computer assigned numbers. If possible, please use catalog part numbers and your customer number. Toll free order lines are open weekdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM mountain time. Parts can be ordered 24 hours per day on line at www.markwilliams.com.

Back Orders 
All back orders will be shipped as soon as the item is restocked. If a back order is no longer wanted please call 1-866-508-6394 or 303-665-6901 and cancel the item(s).

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Modification of your car’s chassis or driveline to enhance performance with the parts identified in this catalog may create a dangerous condition which could cause serious bodily injury.  Most of our parts are not street legal and are only intended for exclusive race track use.  The buyer hereby expressly assumes all risks associated with any such modifications.

Disclaimer of Warranty 
Seller disclaims any warranty express or implied with respect to the parts sold hereby whether as to merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, or any other matter.

Non-critical specifications are subject to change without notice.


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